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Lotus Center is a holistic mental health practice dedicated to helping "Type A" professionals and entrepreneurs to feel their best through a mind, body, spirit approach. We offer research-based psychotherapy, nutrition, genetic analysis and mindfulness services to help clients optimize their mind, biochemistry and way of relating to the world. Our approach is decidedly authentic, intelligent, creative and informed--just like our clients. While you're here, check out our services, bios and online scheduling. Shoot us an email or give us a call if you have any questions--we're here to help!

Testimonial - Diana F.

"Prior coming to the the wellness group I was dealing with bad stress that was affecting my mood and my personality, and my anxiety was preventing me from making important decisions in life. The wellness group opened up my eyes and gave me a new perspective on how to handle stress in a good way, such as meditation, breathing, and check-ins with yourself. I also learned about other healthy alternatives to alleviate stress such as certain teas, aromas, and acupuncture. Since the wellness group, I am much more relaxed, happy and living in the moment. ”

Diana F. / Chicago, IL
Testimonial - Christine S.

“I went to the sugar blues workshop here, and it was really interesting and helpful, not to mention reasonably priced.  I liked Heather’s (the wellness consultant’s) approach – she was very down-to-earth and didn’t encourage people to completely cut out sweets; rather, she presented information on a variety of natural sweeteners.  She also gave out healthy snacks and recipes which was awesome!  Additionally, I was able to receive a health history which gave me a good perspective on my past and current habits.  This is a great place!”

Christine S. / Chicago, IL
Testimonial - J. R. Chicago

“Heather and Claretha are a dynamic duo who cover all topics related to relaxation and restoration. If you are new to these concepts or need a refresher, this is the place for you. Tons of information will be provided, as well as useful and practical tips on bringing more relaxation into your daily life. I highly recommend this series.”

J. R. / Chicago, IL